2ml Hyaluron-Gel in glas syringe

HYALURONIC ACID seen on skin is an important component of inner spaces within the so-called extracellular matrix of the dermis. Exactly these spaces we want to fill up, we have this possibility through punctual injections on certain points beyond the skin by using HyaluonGel.

The corporeal HYALURONIC ACID has different molecular weights resp. viscosities, since it also serves as a lubricant in the joints. It can be stated that the deeper the HyaluronGel is injected into the skin, the more viscous it should be.

The size of the individual hyaluronic acid molecules correlates to this, whereby a rather higher viscosity is recommended, as it lasts longer because a balanced and even distribution is achieved and we want to iron out the wrinkles of our facial skin permanently. By uniform massaging the result is improved.

Dermatologists also recommend the use of a more viscid hyaluronic acid like DERM and DEEP

Our offered variations:

particle-size 0.10-0.15mm          syringe G30 (0.3mm)     very fine pleats
For fine crow’s feet around the eyes and fine wrinkles above resp. in-between the eyes, as well as fine nasolabial folds running laterally down to the mouth and fine pleats on one’s forehead.

particle-size 0.15-0.28mm          syringe G30 (0.3mm)     fine pleats and lip contours
For deeper wrinkles between the eyes, marionette folds left and right the angle of the mouth. Nasolabial folds running down the nose to the mouth. Also suitable for wrinkles on someone’s forehead and vertical lip folds from smoking. Can as well be used for lip contours.

particle-size 0.28-0.50mm          syringe G27 (0.4mm)     deep folds, light volume build- up
For deeper wrinkles and light voluminous sub-injections to lift the skin slightly, left- and right-side of the nose, at the chin or even the lips (lifting effect). Improvement of the natural shape, slight corrections of asymmetries, recommended in case of slight local volume changes. Restoration of the natural volume.

Other variations such as DEPPER and SUB SKIN can be considered for depth corrections or even for breasts or buttocks. We do not sell these two versions from stock.

Wrinkles in our facial skin are scars of our facial expressions. So the sooner you begin to sub-inject wrinkles, the less scarring is seen over time. It would be wrong to first start at the age of 50 years. Besides you do not matter how many and how deep your wrinkles are.

The HyaluronGel consists a very high quality and purity and carry’s all current quality and production standard certificates such as CE, GMP and ISO.

The effect of the sub-injection depends on many factors. Certainly from the depth of existing wrinkles in correlation with the depth of sub-injection. Basically a treatment surely holds for 3-6 months. The amount of 20 ml is sufficient for the treatment of at least two different zones (e.g., nasolabial & forehead wrinkles). The costs at the dermatologist are for one zone 1ml CHF 400.- and for two zones 2ml at CHF 700.-

The treatment is not particularly painful as we sub-inject the dermis (leather skin). Alternatively an anaesthetic cream [Emla from AstraZeneca] can be used, which can be applied on the skin one hour prior to application. It is advantageous to wash off the cream after being sunk into the skin.

Basically anyone who considers himself capable may inject the HyaluronGel independently itself. Please read therefor the enclosed operating instructions carefully. We advise you to consult a specialist. We would like to draw your attention to a disclaimer – due to improper use – on our part. For risks and side effects, read the package insert or consult your doctor.

You would like to stay yourselves and look natural but you notice how your wrinkles on face become deeper and deeper. By using our biologically produced HyaluronGel you will look younger and fresher. Thus you will also achieve a psychological effect which gives you a good feeling of life and improves your personal charisma.



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