• FINE VANILLA AMINO COLLAGEN (beauty-food) was developed as a complete skin-supporting formula for beauty and youthfulness that comes from within. Collagen amino acid contains the natural ingredients to keep your skin moist, firm and make it look younger. SUITABLE FOR DIABETICS.
  • In Drugstores & Pharmacies via PHARMA-CODE 5784578 available.
  • Additionally, FINE VANILLA AMINO COLLAGEN contains Vitamin C as it supports the body’s own collagen production and recording of collagen. At the same time it provides antioxidants (ascorbic acid) to the body. Silica supports the building of strength hair and nails and has a positive effect on the connective tissues. L-Arginine acts as an additional skin revitalizing amino acid.
  • Because of taste we offer this FINE COLLAGEN DRINK as the only one worldwide with VANILLA flavor. A daily dose of 7100mg best hydrolyzed fish skin collagen is going to be absorbed. This large amount tablets do not reach by far. The ingredients Pearl-Coix-Extract and hyaluronic acid from rooster combs are not permitted in Europe. Therefore we suggest buying as well our vegetarian and biologically fermented hyaluronic acid capsules.
  • The following contract notices are scientifically Proven:
    • Promotes elasticity and skin tone
    • Increases the skin’s moisture
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
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