Borage Oil Softgelcaps

Have a high content of healthy gamma linolenic acid (omega 6) and tocopherols (antioxidants).
The borage oil has been extracted from the seeds of the plant.

Nice to know
Borage seed oil, is briefly called borage oil and it is meant the oil obtained from the seeds of borage (Borago officinalis L.)

Borage seeds contain between 26% and 38% oil. This has at 17% to 28% the highest known amount of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and also contains 35-38% of linoleic acid.

Borage seed oil has become particularly known for the unique success for skin problems. It has skin regenerating properties, tightens the skin and may in atopic dermatitis, acne, dry skin, etc. achieve very good results. Borage seed oil stimulates the activity of skin cells, thus the skin is rejuvenated and more elastic. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and regulates the sebaceous production.

Application areas
Borage oil is in atopic dermatitis (eczema, cradle cap) taken traditionally, formerly used in folk medicine and alcohol abuse, hyperactive children and premenstrual syndrome. It is used in atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis). Laboratory studies have shown that an extract from borage kills Amoebozoa

Borage seed oil is offered for internal use in the form of capsules, to develop from within.
Through the regular use of borage seed oil capsules the disturbing itching and redness can be alleviated in many patients also occurs a full recovery. Even patients having small eczema borage seed oil can be applied. Many women suffer of dry skin, especially in wintertime, may be even the whole year long.
Nourish your dry skin from the inside out. Dry skin means for many itching, scaly skin and redness. When the natural moisture barrier is weakened, the skin can dry out.

The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) allowes the following health related claims:

  • GLA contributes to maintenance of normal skin cell structure and elasticity
  • Helps maintain normal, healthy skin.
  • Maintenance of the barrier function of the skin
  • Maintains transepidermal water balance
  • Plays an active role in the natural skin rejuvenation
  • Helps maintain healthy supple and flexible, mobile joints
  • Contributes to maintain healthy/normal hormonal system function
  • Reduction of menstrual discomfort
  • Supports the integrity and the fluidity of the cell membrane
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