Hyaluron Skin-Serum Concentrate

Pure anti-aging serum
Highly concentrated hyaluron gel – contains the maximum possible concentration of 3mg hyaluronic acid per milliliter to penetrate the skin pores. At even higher concentrations, the gel would have to be worked into the skin with small needles using Microneedling / Microblading (5-15mg per ml) or hyaluronic acid should be injected directly under the skin into the wrinkles (20-25mg per ml).

In addition, the hyaluron gel contains an extract of brown algae, which has the function to trap moisture to prevent moisture loss and to protect the skin from dehydration. The additionally contained root extract gives the skin cells vitality and gives the skin a beautiful shine and provides the skin with moisture. The two caring components complete the modern formulation.

  • Suitable for daily care
  • Accelerates the renewal of skin cells
  • Detoxifies the pores to lighten acne and prevents future breakouts.
  • Improves texture and tone for a smoother, softer and radiant complexion
  • The firming effect can be seen and felt after just a short time:
  • Visible signs of aging are corrected and the overall appearance of the skin is smoothed.
  • Both the immediate effect and the long-term effect count here.
  • Contains no genetically modified or animal hyaluron
  • Safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • 100% vegan complex with proven plant active ingredients
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