The body’s HA has a molecular weight of 800k to 6000k Daltons. These different viscosities occur therefore, that HA as a lubricant for joints in the body. A viscous consistency of (6000k) is certainly more appropriate for gliding. [International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists]
In contrast, half of HA is a natural, nourishing and moisturizing ingredient for the skin. There is a lower density (800k) respectively consistency required.

Biovivendi® HA has a molecular weight of 500k – 700k which corresponds to a rather low level and thus can be readily absorbed by the digestive system. Finally the HA should enter in its unchanged molecular structure into the blood respectively in addition the capillaries to its desired location, the corium (dermis). Others on the market have a density of 1 million Daltons and can therefore be worse absorbed by the body.

Biovivendi® supplements have the best possible quality. As shown by the following internationally recognized quality management certificates.

•  National Technical Certification / French/English Cooperation
•  Certificate of Compliance / Conformité Européenne
•  Good Manufacturing Practice

The following contract notices are scientifically proven:
•  revitalizes and smoothes the skin from within
•  It is good for the eyes and the brain
•  increased joint mobility

VEGETARIC Hyaluronic acid in cellulose capsules produced in Europe at the best price in terms of quantity and quality.

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