Resveratrol Antioxidans

Resveratrol is a phytochemicals called polyphenol which is part of the plant’s immune system. Its main function is to protect plants from fungal, bacterial and viral infections as well as against harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, ozone pollution and toxins. Due to its antioxidant effect, it protects cells from damage by free radicals. Its diverse effects on the health and life expectancy make resveratrol to one of the most interesting substances.

Why Resveratrol from Evolva® respectively Biovivendi®?
Evolva TM  resveratrol is an absolute “Gold Standard” premium product of highest purity and uncompromising quality. Suitable for Vegans and Diabetics also because of its vegetarian commercially used hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) capsule shells.
Evolva TM  trans-Resveratrol (> 99%) is not extracted from Japanese knotweed root neither produced by chemical synthesis. Evolva TM  Resveratrol is a nature-identical, vegetarian, odourless, tasteless and off-white product. Evolva’s Resveratrol is manufactured with a unique and patented yeast fermentation process.
Exactly those yeast cultures are being used which are common in winemaking. Resulting in a consistent and traceable product without the challenges and variability of plant-derived extracts such as grape seed powder, grape skin or knotweed roots. Free of common impurities like Emodin (a laxative), pesticides and herbicides as well free of allergen.

Ours is the Resveratrol of choice for those seeking the highest purity and quality.

The Importance of High-Purity Resveratrol

Most Resveratrol products are made from Japanese knotweed extracts standardized to 20-50% Resveratrol, or grape extracts containing very little Resveratrol (~5-10%). Standardized extracts are subject to seasonal, and batch-to-batch variations.

The quality of these extracts can be difficult to control, and a significant portion of the extract composition remains entirely uncharacterized. Studies on crude extracts can be difficult to interpret and reproduce, and results confounded by unwanted impurities.

A highly purified, well-characterized Resveratrol is the gold standard used in the most reputable scientific studies that have demonstrated the health benefits of this ingredient.


  • Self-Affirmed GRAS status in the US for dietary supplements and functional foods applications
  • European Novel Foods approval by substantial equivalence
  • No Emodin or any other anthraquinones causing digestive discomfort
  • Pesticide-, herbicide-, PAH-, and allergen-free
  • Not from chemical synthesis or the invasive Japanese Knotweed

Efficacy and Benefits for Healthy Aging

Numerous scientific publications and a growing body of clinical research support Resveratrol’s role in healthy aging. Its health benefits include:

  • Resveratrol promotes healthy metabolic function during aging.
  • Maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Support of healthy blood glucose, insulin, and blood pressure levels
  • Maintenance of healthy neurocognitive function
  • Reduction of oxidative damage common with aging
  • The metabolic benefits of calorie restriction
  • Increase of fat oxidation and storage capacity in muscles
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